• Assembly. Packaging. Fulfillment.

    It's Our Job to Make Yours Easier.

    We are like any other business out there. We are only as good as the products and services we deliver. And we measure success in terms of satisfied customers.

    How are we different? We take pride in our work and feel privileged to come to work each day and earn a paycheck. We are focused and detailed. We are accustomed to challenges and don’t understand the phrase “I can’t.”

    We get the job done because that’s our nature. And we are happy. Because that’s also our nature.


    Inside Vector Industries

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  • Vector News

    • $2 a Mile Campaign: Help Vector Industries keep the buses running

      Every weekday, three buses travel out from Vector Industries across Waynesboro, Staunton and Augusta County to pick up employees. More than half of the 70 employees at Vector, a unique nonprofit business that employs and trains persons with diverse disabilities to enable them to reach their potential as productive community members, wouldn’t be able to get to work without the bus rides.

    • On Point: December 2015

      As 2015 winds down, Vector Industries will remember this time with gratitude and appreciation. It has been a year of monumental achievement for our organization and we could not have done it without the help of so many.

    • Vector Industries opens new location: ‘Real milestone’ in nonprofit’s history

      Months of work, and years of planning, came to fruition Monday at the new home for Vector Industries in Waynesboro. The unique nonprofit business had long since outgrown the 27,000 square feet of space that had housed its operations in a complex of buildings on Fairfax Avenue since 1969.