vector foundation

foundation2The Purpose

Created in 2011, the purpose of the Vector Industries Foundation (VIF) is to provide for the long-term capital needs of Vector Industries, Inc., which was founded in 1969, as an employment and training organization for individuals with various disabilities.


The Challenge

Providing for the long-term capital needs of the organization is the challenge. The Foundation’s separate Board of Trustees formed to solely focus on the capital needs of Vector through long-term investing and providing for the buildings and grounds of the organization.


The Benefit

Vector Industries is a public charity that is self-supporting in day-to-day operations through its contract work for a variety of regional customers. As such, Vector contributes significantly to our local economy – both directly through its employees and indirectly through partnering with businesses, both large and small, allowing them to expand and increase output with low overhead – which also supports other jobs in our community.