front7aWe are the pros at packaging. We can package your product in a clam pack, twirl it in shrink wrap, nestle it in foam, place it in a carton. We can receive your defective product runs, inspect them, correct them and then repackage them. Vector Industries can handle any type of packaging need. When it doesn’t fit one of your machines or you do not have sufficient (or economical!) labor for packaging a product, Vector Industries is your solution. We make it seem easy and we always meet customer deadlines.


What Vector can do for you:

  • Shrink-wrap
  • Over-wrap
  • Bagging
  • Sealing
  • Labeling


For Instance …

81GkothHUgL._SX522_With names like “LOVE,” “ESCAPE,” and “RELAX,” it is no wonder that Natural Spa Bath bombs have become a popular product on Amazon. Keeping up with Amazon’s demand had become problematic for Steve Dahl, the owner and genius behind bathtub aroma therapy. He had created a sought after product, one that would be a huge hit on Amazon. He just had to figure out how to get the packaging done.

Where Vector came in … Vector employees inspect each bomb to insure perfection and then wrap the bath bombs in tissue, affix a label and then package the product in either a 3 pack of one scent or a 6 bomb variety pack. Vector employees then palletize, label and ship the product direct to Amazon.

The result . . . SYNERGY! Steve can now focus on the business aspects of his “scentsation” and leave the details of packaging, palletizing and shipping to Vector. And by allowing Vector to handle certain details, Steve has maximized the social impact of his business by providing much needed employment to a very diverse and able population.

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