Junk Removal

junk removalAttention Augusta County, Virginia residents, business owners, plant managers: Sometimes a major clean-up can seem overwhelming and you need help to accomplish it.

Vector Industries specializes in residential and commercial junk removal. We can haul away anything unwanted in your home, basement, garage, attic or in your warehouse. This is a win-win service for two reasons. It provides employment for the disabled. Secondly, any salvageable items that we haul away are offered to our employees before being taken to our landfills.

We love our planet and believe in recycling and repurposing. Call us before you call anyone else. Your trash may be a valued treasure to some of our employees.

We are happy to quote any size job! From household clean-outs to commercial and industrial debris removal!


What Vector Industries can do for you:

  • Rental cleanouts
  • Spring cleanings
  • Construction cleanup
  • Flood damage removal
  • Fire damage removal
  • Attic and basement cleanout
  • Moving leftovers
  • Dorm room/building cleaning